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Trusted Partner

Virtualis provides discreet and intuitive support that brings peace of mind to our clients


We have the expertise to make sure separate but overlapping life details are managed


Virtualis is the “hub” in our clients’ lives, aligning the various facets of life+work

Virtualis Executive and Personal Virtual Assistants
Modern life is complex, and our team keeps it organized, simple, and moving forward on your behalf. Whether it is a short-term project to support your business, or a long-term relationship to achieve lifestyle and tempo, we have the experience, network, and creativity to map a path to your goals. We act on your behalf and in your best interest. We live for the details and nuance that your life demands.

Trusted Partner

Virtualis takes on the details and logistics of business+life, providing experienced and intuitive management, solutions and actions.


Your life is a constant mixture of TO-DO’s interspersed with some much needed “me” time. Virtualis has the experience to make sure the separate but overlapping details are taken care of.


Virtualis is dedicated to the pursuit of “yes” answers which includes pulling off mini-miracles, last-minute saves and solving unusual problems. We have a network of doctors, attorneys, accountants and many other specialties that become a direct resource for you. We will work tirelessly to provide fast, efficient and agile solutions.

The Nuts+Bolts

As your trusted advisor, this is a sampling of how we bring focus, balance, and action in your work and life.

  • Calendar Scheduling and Prioritization
  • Email Organization and Management
  • Event Planning
  • Finance: Pay Bills, FreshBooks Support, Tax Coordination
  • Meeting Prep: Strategic Agenda Development, PPT Design, Content Development, Venue Research, Set Up and Meeting Support
  • Philanthropic Planning and Execution
  • Property Management
  • Research
  • Social Media Support
  • Travel: Research, Plan and Execute (Luxury to Bare Bones)
  • Website Development: Design+Content
  • Wellness Plan Development and Tracking
  • Writing Support

Meet Your Partners

Susan Erickson

Founder and Special Assistant

I am passionate about helping my clients bring clarity and order into their lives. I’ve spent over two decades partnering with some of the world’s most talented and influential people doing just that. That’s why I’m so excited about Virtualis, I get to do what I love best.

My expertise spans the areas of global event and project management, global travel planning, strategic planning and team development. I have proven ability to significantly contribute to a company’s efficiency, growth and profitability. Working with my clients I ensure the effectiveness of our projects by setting objectives, regularly measuring results and developing new and creative ways to achieve any given goal. I am an effective leader emphasizing team development, process implementation and improvement. I have substantial multi-year, international experience assisting C-Level executives in all aspects of their work and life. Along the way I have earned the reputation of le Connecteur de Points.

So that’s how you can think of me – as your Dot Connector. My colleagues and I are committed to help you to be your very best by collaborating with you to connect your dots and reveal your picture in all its glory – even if it’s a walrus in a trilby.

Evadee Whitt

Special Assistant

For nearly three decades, I have had the privilege of maximizing effectiveness and bringing balance to the lives of several C-level visionaries and elected officials in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Achieving balance in the lives of these amazing people is where I thrive. There are several skills I’ve honed in order to tout this achievement: quickly assessing and understanding my clients’ priorities and then framing these for the recommendations and decisions I make so that their time is optimized; reading the tea leaves – in other words, being aware of the changing landscape and shifting priorities and direction on a dime. Systems Development is one of my passions and I have a proven track record of using this fundamental strength in making work and life easier.

I am curious about many things – not the least of which is technology. Technology, life, and business are pretty intertwined these days and when used well, can make our lives and work easier and more efficient. I am able to offer this unique and deep expertise to my clients, making them more adept in their use of these beneficial tools. Integrity, tenacity, results-driven and adaptable are dominant traits but at my core is Synergy. I believe that when people work together toward a common goal we can create something unexpected and better than we could on our own. This has served my clients and partners well over the years because this collaboration has yielded stronger results and greater productivity.

I am proud to be a part of the Virtualis network of professionals, and like my colleagues, am committed to bringing my best to you.

Nathan Berry

Web and Design

Having been in the design field for many, many years, I developed the all-important skill of listening to the customer. This seems to be very lacking these days. What I think may be the best way, is not necessarily what the customer wants. The trick is to bring great design and still fulfill the customer’s needs. I have found this applies to both design and technology support. I love solving these challenges!

When not designing, I am looking for the next port of call. Along with my wife I want to travel the world. All of it. Not the tourist places. The native places. I also love photography and making stuff in my garage.

Tammy Martin

Executive and Design Assistant

I love applying my experience as an executive assistant and in customer service to my clients. I am passionate about making the lives of others more pleasant and easy. The turn wheel that is life requires agility and adaptation, two qualities I’ve spent time honing. Technology and graphic design are thrilling, and it is my absolute pleasure to use these modalities to make the lives of our clients more beautiful.

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my friends and family. Traveling is a salve to my soul, and I am working on checking off every continent as I globe trot around the world with my husband.

Jill Sanders

Finance and Communications Manager

For more than 20 years, I’ve been collaborating with smart people, solving interesting problems and perfecting the art of multitasking along the way.

The people I’ve worked with have been as varied, fascinating and colorful as my garden. My approach to work and gardening is quite similar, in fact. I’ve learned that getting my hands dirty, attention to detail and perseverance will produce stunning results. Virtualis offers a unique mixture of talent – smart, sassy, imaginative professionals who share my passion for helping our clients thrive. That’s why I’m elated to be part of the Virtualis family.

Wendy Schaures

Project and Event Manager

I have a decade+ of experience planning and executing global events; working with teams worldwide toward a common goal. Interacting and collaborating with colleagues from different cultures is a highlight in my career. As a former small business owner who ran a specialty bake shop, I also understand that every task – large and small- are pieces of a larger picture and deserve the same diligence.

With Virtualis, I have the opportunity to make my clients’ lives easier by taking on the projects that free up valuable time. I enthusiastically advocate for my clients and saving them money and time is always top of mind. My mantra is, “the devil is in the details” and I bring that to work every day along with my passion for delivering stellar results.

People Are Talking

Having had the pleasure of knowing and working with Susan for 20+ years, I can personally confirm that she makes it a priority to understand the core business needs of an executive. She stays highly engaged and applies her instincts, initiative, and creativity while offering highly valuable and effective levels of support and service.

Michael Bigelow

Business Consultant and former CFO, WE-Communications

Susan and her team are first rate! I am impressed with Susan’s refreshing and effective approach to client projects. Susan has built out a network of talented and recognized experts – in a one-stop shop of sorts. Susan’s team can virtually take on any project a client may need – ranging from general administrative, arranging global travel, to property management to assisting a client’s expansion efforts. Having a one-stop shop provides great value to clients who don’t then need to independently contact multiple companies for their business needs. Collaboration is a key cornerstone for Susan so it is no wonder she brought that to bear with her firm. And it is just one reason why her clients consider Susan and her team to be their trusted advisors.

Dori Gilbert

Legal Counsel, Global Legal Services

Susan and her team are smart, intuitive and discreet. Working with Virtualis is enjoyable and effortless. They go above and beyond to set their clients up for success. Simply put, Virtualis cares about their clients. They are first-rate ambassadors and advocates for their clients, tirelessly working and collaborating with key advisors to deliver results.

Eric Hormel

CPA/Shareholder, Perkins Accounting

When Susan says she’s a partner who has your back, I can personally attest that she is just that. Susan works to ensure all those who work with her are successful – not just the ones who give her a grade of pass or fail. She is creative, wicked smart and passionate about her work and to top it off is fun to work with. She has an innate ability to empathize with what business leads are trying to accomplish and liaises where she can with the senior executives to help those leads be victorious. This is one Dot Girl you want on your side.

Scott McLaughlin

Global Internal Communications Director, Nike




Tri-Cities Washington


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